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Hazel Alder Live Stakes

Hazel Alder Live Stakes

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Hazel Alder Live Stakes are a wonderful mix between a dark forest green and a lime green color, giving a slightly more diverse green.

This plant also will bloom in spring and throughout summer producing reddish green flowers and brown fruit that has a cone shaped appearance with ridged winged texture. The fruit will not be ready until late fall; it will be known that it is ready because the fruit will look similar to a pinecone. The leaves themselves are flat with a rough texture. Between all the colors during bloom this is one beautiful plant that can be found near streams, ponds, and beside rivers, or even in peoples’ yards.

The colors give a diverse effect with neutral colors making it perfect for almost any landscape. 

This specific plant grows in a bush or shrub form but is technically a tree, which can be seen by the rather dark brown bark. The bark however is covered by the leaves down to the ground giving it the more bush like look. It will grow to a mature height of eight to twelve feet tall and twenty to thirty feet wide in approximately ten years. However, this is a fast-growing plant, averaging about three feet a year. Hazel Alder Live Stakes will grow best in zones three through eight. Optimal growing conditions for Hazel Alder Live Stakes is in a full sun area or partial shade and must have moist soils, such as the northeast region of the United States or wetlands. 

Unknown to many Hazel Alder Live Stakes have been known also to be used as a medicine to assist with childbirth. Another aspect that makes this plant unique is that it can retain nitrogen from soil, which means it can also grow in less fertile soil! This plant will not do well in wind or ice though and will obtain damage easily, so extra care will be needed in colder climates.

Hazel Alder Live Stakes