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Scirpus Acutus- Hard Stem Bulrush

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Hard Stem Bulrush reaches its maximum height ranging from six feet to nine and a half feet.

Hardy Planting Zone - 3 through 9

 Bloom Season - Mid-Summer

 Bloom Color - Brown and yellow

 Height at Maturity - Up to six feet

 Soil Type Preferred - Coarse, fine, tolerates high levels of salinity

 Sun or Shade - Full sun


  Hard stem Bullrush is a member of the wetland plant family and can grow to an average height of around six feet, with some examples growing close to seven feet.

 When in the wild, the Hardstem Bullrush will grow close to water areas, such as lakes, reservoirs, and streams. The Hardstem Bullrush will grow along the edge of these bodies of water, favoring moist ground submerged to around three inches below the water level. In some cases, the Hard stem Bullrush has grown in wetlands up to around six feet in depth.

  The Hardstem Bullrush grows best in a stand of plants where the oldest, more established plants are found in the center and the younger plants found around the edge. 

This allows this hermaphrodite plant to be pollinated effectively by the wind. The Hardstem Bullrush is known for being a fast-moving plant. It is becoming established with the plant spreading seeds around six inches around the original plant during any growing season.

  Because it is a wetland plant, the Hardstem Bullrush is known for its ability to grow effectively during the cooler times of the year. 

The primary growing season for the Hardstem Bullrush is the Fall and parts of the Winter when it grows at its fastest rate. When a Hardstem Bullrush is being established, it will be aided by a constantly moving water level that will allow it to take root effectively. A full sun position around the edge of a body of water is the best position for growth, with the yellow and brown blooms appearing in mid-June.

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