Ground Fern Moss

Ground Fern Moss

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Ground Fern Moss- Thuidium Delicatulum Hardy Planting Zones 1-9 Sun or Shade- Shade/Partial Shade Mature Height- 4-5 feet Mature Width- 5-6 feet Bloom Season- all year Gardener Status- Beginner

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Ground Fern Moss (Thuidium delicatulum)

Ground Fern Moss (Thuidium delicatulum) is a moisture loving ground coverage plant that thrives in shady to partial sun environments. It grows up to two inches in height but typically remains ground level. Ground Moss maintains a luscious green color and a soft almost velvet like texture. There are 12 species of common ground moss found in North America. When thinking of moss, one may equate the green substance on a tree trunk or the forest floor, when in fact, mosses grow where it is cool and moist. There are about 14,000 species of moss throughout the world, 1,000 of them in the United States, 12 are common. Though thriving in shade the moss can maintain with partial sunlight, but not full exposure. Used as ground cover, the moss creates a velvety blanket worthy of a barefoot walk in the cool of the day. Different species of the Ground Fern Moss have differing appearance, yet all host a luscious green turf. Ground Fern Moss is harvested and sold by the square foot, found at nurseries and other garden supply businesses, as well on the Internet. Planted as a “fill-in”, plugged, blended for large areas, or as a floral arrangement and decorative uses. Quite versatile in its applications, this soft attractive cover enhances its surroundings. A serene morning among the pines of a German forest is blanketed with the mosses of differing species, forbidding the sound of footsteps atop its carpeted beauty. Such is the reality of the moss and its beauty when applied by nature’s handiwork, and is duplicated by the imagination of the gardener is his craft. While the Ground Fern Moss appears to die in the winter, its brown foliage against the stone is revived with the showers of spring to once more thrive in greenery as soft to the touch as it appears to the eye.
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