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Ground Fern Moss

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Ground Fern Moss  provides beautiful insulation for the ground and can absorb water

Hardy Planting Zone- 3-9

 Bloom Season - none

 Bloom Color - none

 Height at Maturity – 3 to 4 inches

 Soil Type Preferred- high-moisture, low pH

 Sun or Shade – partial shade


 Ground fern moss is a fast-growing evergreen ground cover that is low to the ground.

If growing conditions are right, fern moss can double in surface area in less than a year but stays 3 to 4 inches high. It is a very versatile plant that can be found on every continent except Antarctica. It thrives in various soil types and can also grow on stone, concrete, or wood. It is very adaptable when provided with adequate moisture. Fern moss can cover bare batches in lawns where grass will not grow well, such as under trees. 

Ground fern moss can provide ground insulation and absorb water up to twenty times its weight.

Once established, the moss can endure some periods of drought. Leaves multiply and are usually dark yellow to dark green. They have either two or three collections of leaflets on the side of the stem. While very versatile, the ideal environment for this moss will be partial shade, have a moderate to high-moisture content soil with a low pH. It gets its name from its fernlike branches. It has curved, cylindrical spores that mature in late summer or early autumn. 

  Ground fern moss is ideal for planting on walkways or paths, between cobblestones or bricks, or as a background for topiary plants. Very few animals eat moss because it doesn’t have many nutrients, but they will nibble it because it retains moisture. Animals also use moss as lining for their nests and bedding because it is soft. Its high moisture content also provides a valuable home for many types of invertebrates and concealment for ground-dwelling amphibians and reptiles. 

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