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Ground Cover Grab Bag - 25 Plants Selected Perfect For Your Growing Zone

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Ground Cover Grab Bag - 25 Plants Selected Perfect For Your Growing Zone  are dense and can create an entire mat of growth.

Ground Cover Grab Bags offer a variety of ground covers to use in your landscaping

Perfect Groundcovers To Use In Landscaping 


 Ground covers do wonders to every yard. It controls soil erosion, curbs appeal, and control weed. The type of ground covers to plant in your home depends on the area that requires the cover. Determine if the area is droughty, shady, or evergreen before planting the ground covers. It's also good to ensure the ground covers are vigorous enough to cover the area you want to dress up. However, the plant shouldn't be over invasive and a nuisance.

 Here is a list of some of the ground covers to choose from.


 1. Vinca Minor Plants 


 The vinca minor plant, also known as periwinkle, is most prevalent in most homes and commercial buildings. It is a delicate purple flower with evergreen leaves. It grows well in both partial or complete shade areas. The vinca minor plants are vigorous and spread only in the area you want to dress up.

 Another exciting feature about the plant is, it rarely breeds pests. Therefore, a good ground cover to curb pests. You can also interplant the vinca minor plant with other plants; however, you need to cut it regularly.

 Ground Covers helps with soil erosion and weed control

 2. The Phlox 


 The creeping phlox is a tiny white, pink or blue plant with evergreen leaves. It prospers in spring. Phlox can grow up to six inches long, producing a carpet-like appearance, which is why gardeners love to plant it in sloppy areas or yard walls. The species can survive in full sun, moisture, and good drainage areas.


 3. English Ivy Plants


 The English ivy is an evergreen perennial ground cover and climber. It can grow up to eight inches tall. The ivy is invasive and can spread horizontally up to 15 feet long. It thrives in complete shade areas and fertile and moist soil.


 4. Thyme Plant


 The creeping thyme is also known as thymus praecox. Thyme is a drought-resistant plant species with a mint aroma. The plant can survive light foot traffic, therefore perfect growing in garden paths. Thyme also curbs weeds and is a deer repellant.


 5. Sedum


 Sedum is a perennial drought-resistant plant with succulent stems and leaves. It produces purple, pink, yellow, white, and red flowers during fall, summer, or spring. It also thrives in full sun or partial shade.


 6. The Sweet Woodruff


 Sweet woodruff is an aromatic white-flowered plant that thrives in full or partial shade. The plant can grow up to 12 inches tall.


 7. Mondo Grass


 Mondo grass evergreen, also called dwarf lilyturf, are slender grass-like plants. They can grow upto one foot in height. It draws fences, therefore perfect for paths or driveways.


 Ground covers give an appealing appearance to homes. They are grass alternatives but easy to care for. Before planting ground covers, consider the height, spread, care, and conditions that favor their growth. In addition, consider what you want to achieve, like curb weed, control soil erosion, or appeal.

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