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  • Switchgrass is a native prairie grass.
Switchgrass is one of the dominant species of the tallgrass prairie

    Switch Grass


        Switchgrass is a perennial grass with a natural look, making it ideal for swamp and lake areas.  The grass thrives in wet and moist soil, and since it's a perennial, it will grow each year.   Switchgrass is a type of...

  • Texas Sedge reaches height of 6-12 inches at maturity.
Texas Sedge prefers well drained, moist, sandy soil conditions.

    Texas Sedge


    Hardy Planting Zone: Zones 3-9 Bloom Season: Summer Bloom Color: Green Height at Maturity: 6-12 inches Soil Type Preferred: Well-drained, moist, sandy Sun or Shade: Sun to partial shade   Carex texensis, more commonly known as Texas sedge, is...

  • Three Sided Sedge like full sun but will need extra water. Three Seeded Sedge grow anywhere from 8-28 inches

    Three Seeded Sedge


    Three Seeded Sedge is excellent for your wetland area. In the Northeastern United States, you can find the three seeded sedges in wet environments like bogs, rivers, streams, and swamplands. Flowers are greenish and grow at the sedge spears' base in the...

  • Three Square Sedge can grow 1.5 to 4 feet tall.
Three square sedge is best grown in hardy zones 3-9

    Three Square Sedge


    Three square sedge is a wonderful addition to your lawn. The long grass thrives in hardiness zones 3-9 and grows well in both partial shade and full sun. Some grass will grow in zone 2 as well. The grass blooms in spring, summer, and autumn, and yields...

  • Wool Grass is an upright sedge variety.
Wool Grass have little to no maintenance.

    Wool Grass


     Hardy Planting Zone: 3-9  Bloom Season: July-September  Bloom Color: Green, Copper  Height at Maturity: 3’-6’  Soil Type Preferred: sandy and non-sandy wet to moist soils  Sun or Shade: Full...