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  •  Palm Sedge grows outward to form other plants but is not invasive, so you can add as many of these grasses without worrying about them taking over your garden and yard.  Palm Sedge  is named for its palm-like leaves that spread out beautifully in all directions. It grows naturally in a wetland or forest environment.

    Palm Sedge


    Palm Sedge is commonly found in wooded swamps and flood plains Palm Sedge is a wildflower that resembles the papyrus. It is also known as Carex muskingumensis and produces rigid stems that grow up to twenty inches tall. It derives its name from its...

  • Pennsylvania Sedge grows best planted in hardy zones 3-9. Pennsylvania Sedge is can tolerate drier conditions and endure low water supplies.

    Pennsylvania Sedge Grass


    Pennsylvania sedge is a flowering plant scientifically known as Carex pensylvanica.  It is a clumped and low growing grass-like and pale green foliage leaves with brown seeds capsules. Pennsylvania is a drought-tolerant plant that forms good lawns...

  • Pink muhly grass thrives in various soil conditions. Pink muhly grass grows in hardy zones 5-10

    Pink Muhly Grass


    Pink muhly grass is native to the eastern region of the U.S. The grass grows up to four feet high and has a spread of about three feet. Pink muhly grass has tiny flowers that grow over the blades. The grass is very easy to grow and is drought-tolerant...

  • Reedgrass attracts birds because it makes for a good ground cover. Reedgrass  is a hardy cool-weather grass that can be grown in many different areas with relatively low upkeep.



    Reed Grass hardiness expands to being disease and pest-resistant Reed grass is best known for its flowy ornamental nature and adds a sense of motion to landscapes. Being a very robust plant, it is suitable for all but the hottest climates in the...

  • River Oats River Oats is a native, clump-forming, upright grass with seed heads that resemble oats.

    River Oats


    RIVER OATS  River Oats is an ornamental grass with a range of planting zones 3-9.  The bloom season for River Oats runs June through September. It is a beautiful transition during its blooming season. The coloration of the bamboo-like leaves...

  • Riverbank Wild Rye is the tallest of the native rye species.
Riverbank Wild Rye is commonly used in streambank restoration

    Riverbank Rye Grass


    Hardy Planting Zone – Zones 3-9  Bloom Season – nodding seed heads in July through August  Bloom Color – green to pale yellow  Height at Maturity – 2 to 5 feet  Soil Type...

  • Sawgrass grows best when planted in hardy zones 3-9.
Sawgrass is known to be a drought tolerant plant.



     Cladium is an aquatic grass that is commonly known as Sawgrass or River of Grass.   USDA Hardiness Planting Zone Sawgrass can grow throughout North America and South America within Plant Hardiness Zones 3-9.  Bloom...

  • Smooth cord grass has flat, blade-like leaves.
Smooth cordgrass grows between 4-6 feet.

    Smooth Cord Grass


     Smooth Cordgrass grows best in Zones 3 through 9 Bloom Season: Smooth Cordgrass is a perennial plant. It typically "blooms" during the autumn months, producing a large number of seeds. Bloom Color: As grass, Smooth Cordgrass...

  • Soft Rush Grass is a drought tolerant plant.
Soft Rush Grass grow best in hardy planting zones 3-9

    Soft Rush Grass


    The hardiness zones for Soft Rush Grass are 3-9 It is native to the United States eastern coast but is not limited to just that region. It is widespread to many cultures around the world that use its stems for weaving baskets and mats. Other popular...

  • Soft Stem Bulrush can reduce the levels of heavy metals and nitrogen found in soil and water.
Soft Stem Bulrush can grow 4-9 feet at maturity, and thrives in ponds, wetlands, swamps, wet prairies, and other damp or moist environments.

    Soft Stem Bulrush


    The soft stem bulrush is an excellent plant for anyone trying to establish a garden around or near water features.  Because this is a plant that is native to the United States, it is found naturally in many watershed areas and does well with other...

  • Square stem bulrush reaches an average height of 4 feet at maturity
Square Stem Bulrush grows in colonies .

    Square Stem Bulrush


    Hardy Planting Zones - 3 to 9  Bloom Season - June to September  Bloom Color - Yellow or brown  Height at Maturity - One to six feet  Soil Type Preferred - Wet clay or sandy soils  Sun or...