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  • Andropogon Big Bluestem changes colors throughout the year, with a blue-green color in the spring and a brown shade in the fall. Andropogon Big Bluestem is a perennial that stands straight and tall.

    Andropogon Big Bluestem


    Andropogon Big Bluestem grows in the roadsides, woodlands, sandy areas, riverbanks, and meadows Big Bluestem is commonly known as Andropogon gerardii. It is a type of grass common in the native grasslands of the Prairies and east of Mississippi states...

  • Blue Gama Grass  will produce a handsome appearance in cold and warm weather areas. Blue Gama Grass  is an extraordinary growth that creates an attractive lawn for many homeowners.

    Blue Gama Grass


    Blue Gama Grass reaches about 14 inches in height when it has fully matured Blue Gama Grass is typically known as turf grass and usually lines pathways and the edges of gardens. The plant only reaches about 14 inches in height when it has fully...

  • Bushy Bluestem  is very resistant to deer and should help produce a solid and appealing lawn for those who want a high-water grass that thrives in the autumn months. Bushy Bluestem is considered an ornamental grass that attracts birds and butterflies while providing nesting material for bees.

    Bushy Bluestem


    Bushy Bluestem grows well in zones 3 through 9 An Attractive Bunchgrass for Moist Terrain-Bushy Bluestem Grass  A bunchgrass adds beauty, texture, and aesthetic appeal to your landscape. Bunchgrasses or ornamental grasses not only look beautiful...

  • Panicgrass  has long bloom periods from early summer to late fall. Panicgrass  is generally planted in a group with at least 12 inches between the groups to give the grass room to grow together and create a border.



    Panic Grass is a dominant species of tallgrass prairie Panic grass is a sub-tropical plant that grows widely in South America, Australia, Japan, and India. It has got a variety of names like Megathyrsus Maximus. Panic grasses, switchgrass, and...

  • 	Pennsylvania Smart Weed Plant Pennsylvania smart weed attracts a variety of butterflies.

    Pennsylvania Smart Weed Plant


    Pennsylvania Smart Weed is widespread in the United States   Pennsylvania smartweed - Polygonum pensylvanicum    Pennsylvania Smartweed is classified as a native annual herb and is a species of flowering plant in the buckwheat...

  • Prairie Dropseed can grow in USDA zones 3-9, making it a diverse plant, tolerable in several growing climates. Prairie Dropseed can be seen growing in Texas and up to Saskatchewan.

    Prairie Dropseed


    Prairie Dropseed is drought-resistant The Prairie Dropseed is a drought-resistant plant that only grows in select areas of wetlands and prairies. Prairie Dropseed does best in full sunlight but can survive with a little bit of shade. The leaves are...

  • Tufted Hairgrass is easy to take care of, grows well almost anywhere, and looks beautiful with anything Tufted Hairgrass is easy to take care of, grows well almost anywhere, and looks beautiful with anything

    Tufted Hairgrass


    Tufted Hairgrass it ideal for use in Dutch-style layouts Tufted Hairgrass is a common plant seen in the aquatic hobby. It is found throughout South America and can be used as an oxygenating plant for your tank or decoration. It is also called...

  • Tussock Sedge grows in USDA Zones 5-8 and is native to the middle and eastern parts of the United States and Canada. Tussock Sedge  can be found growing in meadows, savannahs, wetlands, prairies, and other wet environments.

    Tussock Sedge


    Tussock Sedge is hardy in zones 3 through 8 The Caratex stricta, also known as the Tussock Sedge, is a fast-colonizing clumping sedge plant commonly found growing in the wettest environments of Canada to the Southern United States. More...

  • Wild Rice will create an excellent source of high-quality rice that can be cleaned, prepared, eaten, or served to animals, or used for compost. Wild Rice is an attractive plant but one that can provide many unique growth opportunities.

    Wild Rice


    Wild Rice grow on flood plain or swamps Wild Rice, Eleocharis aristata, is a member of the Compositaceae or family of wild plants. Two species of this plant are also commonly referred to as wild rice. One of these (Zizanio Aquatica) has narrow...

  • Wild Rye blooms in July and grows up to six feet tall. Wild Rye blooms in July and grows up to six feet tall.

    Wild Rye


    Wild Rye grows anywhere from 2 to 6 feet tall The Many Benefits of Planting Wild Rye Grass  Wild Rye Grass is both charming and versatile perennial grass. This ornamental grass grows anywhere from 2 to 6 feet tall. The long, slender stalks...

  • Appalachian Sedge thrives in hardy zones 3-7.
Appalachian sedge is a hardy grass that is a perfect groundcover.

    Appalachian Sedge


    Appalachian Sedge  Hardy Planting Zone - 3-9  Bloom Season - Spring  Bloom Color - Yellow/white  Height at Maturity - 12in  Soil Type Preferred - Dry  Sun or Shade - Full sun, shade, or...

  • Barnyard grass is an annual grassy weed.
Barnyard grass  can spread throughout your lawn with abandon.

    Barnyard Grass


      Barnyard Grass grows in wet soils and full sunlight. These are some of the conditions that make it suitable for hardy planting zones between 4 and 10. The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map shows the various regions that offer...