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Grass Mulch - 1 Gallon bags

Grass Mulch - 1 Gallon bags

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Grass Mulch is a great way to add nutrients to your soil 


Grass can be of utmost importance in gardening when converted to mulch. Below are some of the ways grass mulch can be put to use in the garden. 

Moisture retention. 

Grass mulch spread around your plants in the garden will cover the soil and reduce evaporation by up to 50%. In addition, the grass mulch will absorb rain water and keep the soil moist longer, reducing the need for constant watering. 

Soil erosion prevention. 

Grass mulch prevents rain water from washing away the top soil around your garden plants. This it achieves by absorbing the impact of rainwater on the soil, as a result it lessens the force with which the water hits the soil. 

Adds Nutrients to the soil. 

As time goes by, the grass mulch slowly decomposes and infuses the soil with additional nutrients essential for your plants growth. As a result, the need for fertilizer is eliminated. 

Attracts earthworms. 

Because grass mulch is organic, as it decomposes, it attracts animals such as earthworms to move in and inhabit the soil near your plants. Earthworms are important because they improve soil structure and nutrient cycling. 

Limits the growth of weeds. 

Grass mulch limits the growth of weeds in open spaces around your garden. As grass mulch covers much of the ground in your garden, it prevents sunlight from reaching the weeds hence they find it difficult to germinate.

Grass mulch comes in a gallon bag. There are many great uses for using grass as mulch. It will be sure to help add important nutrients to the yard while helping to preserve moisture. It can also help to prevent certain weeds growing in the yard. Using this as mulch often helps to add at least twenty-five percent of nutrients back into the soil. It also contains a large amount of nitrogen that is essential for every plant to thrive. When using grass mulch, you only need to apply about ¼ of an inch layer thick application wherever it is needed or wanted. Applying too thick of layer can cause an area to get moldy or smell. In the fall or spring adding this to a garden bed will be sure to spruce the garden back to life. To help with weed control in muddy pathways consider applying this for a beautiful look! We offer many other mulch and gardening supplies as well.


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