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Goldenseal produces showy white flowers in spring that ripen into fleshy red berries in late summer and autumn.

Golden Seal is also known as yellow root

golden seal - Hydrastis canadensis


 Goldenseal is in the buttercup family Ranunculaceae and is a perennial herb; Other names are Orange root: Yellow root, Ground raspberry, Puccoon, and Wild Curcuma. It is native to the eastern United States and southeastern Canada. It is among the most popular herbs on the market and was used by Native Americans to treat digestive problems, diarrhea, liver conditions, skin disorders, and eye irritations. It also was used in early colonial medical care when the European settlers discovered it. It gained more popularity in the early 1800s when promoted by the herbalist Samuel Thompson, who believed it to be a magical cure for various conditions. In herbal medicine and by some alternative medicine practitioners, it is often used as a multi-purpose remedy including as a topical antimicrobial, a digestion aid, anti-inflammatory, for bladder and urinary infections, to heal minor skin wounds, for fungal infections of the skin, as a laxative, mouthwash or gargle, for infections of the mucus membranes and chest and sinus congestion, flu and colds, bladder infections, and for other purposes.

Golden Seal is distinguished by a thick yellow and knotted rootstock

You can purchase it in the form of a tablet, salve, cream, ointment, tincture, or a bulk powder. However, as a dietary supplement, it should be used under a health professional’s supervision as it shouldn’t be used by those with heart conditions, high blood pressure, and other medical problems. The plant is distinguished by a thick yellow and knotted rootstock. The stem above ground is purple and below ground yellow, and it connects to a yellow rhizome. In the late spring, there are two leaves with five to seven double-toothed lobes and small single inconspicuous flowers with greenish-white stamens. It bears a single berry similar to a large raspberry with 10 to 30 seeds in the summer.

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