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Golden Ligustrum

Golden Ligustrum

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The Golden Ligustrum is a large evergreen plant that can grow as high as twenty five feet when it is fully grown.

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Golden Ligustrum is  loved for its beautiful green and yellow leaves that it has during the summer months.

This beautiful shrub is very low maintenance and only needs to pruned into whatever shape you desire it to be. This shrub can have a spread of ten feet or more. This shrub has extremely thick foliage and can be shaped to make a privacy fence or border. This shrub needs moist soils to grow efficiently needing some water every day; however this shrub doesnt handle heavy, wet soils. It can be found growing in northern areas. These plants can grow in extremely cold temperature and can hold their green color through the winter months. This shrub blooms in the springtime months with small white flowers. These small white flowers are rather unpleasant smelling by themselves. These flowers attract pollinating insects like flies, bees, and butterflies. This plant later produces small berries that consumed by birds and other animals for food. This plant is also used by birds for nests because of its thick nature, and this provides protection for the nest as well as nearby food. This plant grows best in the climate zones five to nine. This plant can be pruned into different shapes, and it can be grown as topiaries to create a different look. In extreme cold, this plant may turn purple and lose its leaves. Climate Zone: 5 to 9 Mature Height: 4 to 15 Feet Mature Width: 4 to 8 Feet Sunlight: Prefers Full Sunlight to Partial Shade Soil Conditions: Prefers moist and Well Drained Soil

Golden Ligustrum Ships As: Bareroot Plant