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Geranium Plant

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Geraniums is an annual flowering plant.


Geranium is an annual plant that can be grown in Zones 3 to 9.

Plant geraniums after winter’s last frost because they are not cold-hardy. In warmer climate areas of North America, they can be grown outside all year long.

Bloom Season: First bloom is generally from April to May. Geranium can be cut back after the first bloom to produce more flowers from early summer into fall.

Bloom Color: Depending on the species, Geranium flowers come in a wide variety of colors. Classic varieties bloom white, pink, red, burgundy, orange, and purple flowers.

 Plant height can range from 6 inches to several feet of flowers.

At 4 inches in a pot, transfer geranium to the garden.

With enough space, garden geranium can grow to be 18 inches tall and wide.

When planted in the garden, geranium does well in loose soil with organic matter. Potted plants need plenty of drainage holes to prevent root rot. Soil should not be left soggy.

Sun or Shade: Requires sun with some shade. Geranium does best with morning sun and afternoon shade, but at least 4 to 6 hours of sun. In climates with hot summers, shade is necessary.

Plant Description: The Geranium plant we know today originated in South Africa. In 1786, the plant made its way to North America from France. Geranium is a popular woodland plant with over 300 species. It is known for its bright flowers and lovely fruity scent. It is seen in hanging plants and along garden borders with dark green leaves and many clusters of 5 petaled flowers. Therefore, expect Geranium plants to flourish well planted in both pots and gardens. Geranium can be taken indoors during winter months when night temperatures fall below 50 degrees to become houseplants.

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