Love my plants! I am so in awe at the selection of plants you've given me for a simple thank you banner on my website. I got hundred of nice plants. Thank you so much Tn Nursery. Best place ever.

Cynthia Westmoreland - The Blooming Fountain, NYC


WOW Wee! Love my daffodils. They are the largest bare root bulbs I've gotten to date. Thanks Tn! ****

Shalan Meyer- A Proud Homeowner


Never bought bare root trees before. I was skeptical until this spring. My redbud trees and maples are showing their stuff. Will definitely be purchasing again from you.

Cindy Watters - The Epic Journey


My cattails are really enjoying the water and they are feeding the ducks also. We see bed of fishes coming from the roots around the edging of the lake also. Very impressive!

Dan Lyles - Master Gardener


Your all over the internet so I thought I'd try your plants. Got shorted 3 plants and called Tiffany and I got 10 for my trouble. Overall, I am very satisfied.

Dan Taylor - Exotic Plants LLC


Tammy, your selection of dogwood trees you sent us was very stocky and nice. Everyone is living and thriving and bloomed pretty this spring. Well pleased.

Colin Ferrell- The Conservancy


I was impressed at your clientle and tried your products. Your 75% or less on prices than everyone else online and I am pleased. Good quality for the price.

Claude Hyde, Hydes Perennial Farm