We are a State Certified USDA Nursery and are Licensed. We Ship to All States & Homeowners Too.
The single most important question should be quality. We are a wholesale nursery grower. This is how we can sell to the public at wholesale prices, we grow very large volumes. We are a grower, not a broker (like most online nurseries).

Q. Where Do You Ship?
A. We ship to ALL STATES and we are USDA Certified and have been shipping over 58 years.

Q. What Should I do When I Receive My Plants? 
A. Complete planting and care instructions comes inside the burlap packaging on each order. If you can not plant your plants right away that’s no problem. We package all plants to be fine up to 5 days after receipt. If you must wait for extended periods of time, you will need to simply pull the plastic back from the roots and mist with water until you can plant. They also do well in cool garages or cellars if your ground is frozen or it’s below freezing and you can’t plant immediately. We package our plants in peat moss, dip in moisture rich terasorb, and surround with plastic to keep your plants in superior condition in transit.

Q: Can anyone order from our nursery?
A: Yes anyone can order wholesale without a license.

Q. Where Should I plant My Stock Purchased?
Trees – Trees need wide open spaces to grow. They need planted in large areas in landscaping.
Shrubs – These stay small and are excellent when planted near sidewalks, around a home or near entrances. Evergreen shrubs make excellent privacy hedges to plant near busy streets, near patios or pools, and anywhere you desire privacy.
Perennials,Wildflowers, Vines – Plant those in small area spaces where you desire delicate colors. In flower beds, gardens or near the areas where you have shrubs they show up well.Ferns – Ferns are shade loving plants that can be planted in 50% sunlight. They thrive when planted in moist soil and is great to plant in shade areas.
Wetland Plants & Live Stakes – These type plants need to be planted near water,in swampy areas or in standing water.

Q. Whats The Minimum Order ? What Type Payments Do You Accept? No Minimum order Amounts.
A. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Bank Wires For Orders Over $5000.00.

Q. When Is The Best Time To Plant ?
A. Trees, Shrubs, Evergreens & Fruit Plants – In the dormant season between Mid October through Mid April. That’s when we ship these type plants and trees.
Ferns, Wetland Plants, Live Stakes & Ground Covers – We keep a large supply of these in the cooler and ship these year round. It’s fine to plant any of these plants anytime.
Perennials Ship In Spring & Summer Season from Mid April through August. We stop shipping all perennials the end of August.

Q. Where Is Tn Nursery Located?
A. In Altamont Tennessee (middle Tennessee near Nashville). We grow plants and have seed sources from most every zone in the United States so we can accomodate our clients with trees and shrubs that will do well in their zones.

Q. What Plants are hardy for my zone?
A. We grow plants from seed stock for all zones. We will match which plants will work for your planting zone. Zones are on descriptions of each product.

Q : I need more shipping information before I place my order, where can i find it?
A: Shipping is calculated prior to checkout. Put your items in the cart and proceed to enter your delivery address and you will get a shipping cost. There’s no possible way we can tell you exactly, it depends upon your zip code, and your order total. You will get an exact rate before you finalize your order and shipping is “at cost” and affordable.

Q: How soon after I place an order will it ship out?
A: We ship all orders out within 7-10 days after they are placed if you choose ship now or you can choose a later date list on each product you order. If you’re not ready for your trees you have the option for later (next season) delivery.

Q I received my order and there’s no planting instructions. What do I do?
A. Here’s the instructions http://www.tnnursery.net/bareroot-planting-guide/. We do not put them in boxes. They get wet with all the gels we use on the roots and so its better for you to print the instructions yourself or read them online.

Q.What about packing slips? My order didnt have one?
A. No we dont include a slip – and that’s for a reason. We drop ship for a lot of customers discreetly (because of our wholesale orders). You will get an emailed invoice when you place your order. All of your order will be enclosed in the shipment unless otherwise noted.

Q: Where Is The Tree Nursery LLC located?
A: in Altamont Tennessee (Middle Tn) – We have no storefront, we have several fields we dig stock from. We dig plants fresh after orders are placed and take the stock to shipping barns and prepare for immediate shipping, or customer’s can pickup on request. Pickup location will be one of two barns in Altamont Tennessee, zip 37301. Please call us 3-5 days after orders are placed and we will tell you which location to pickup at. They are only 1 mile apart and we deliver trees to the nearest one from our fields when the plants are dug.

Q. I live in California, Can you ship plants here?
A. Absolutely, we are certified to ship to all states and 13 foreign countries.

Q: I am out of state, I’d like to place an order but we are concerned about our plants drying out in transit.
A: All Bare root plants & trees are packaged in accordance to the American Nurserymans’ standards.We dip every bare root plant in terrasorb moisture gel to seal moisture in the roots. We then surround the root system in peat moss or straw in warmer months to control transit heat and wrap in plastic to further protect your plants for transit. This is “old school” and we guarantee you no one in the nursery industry packages plants to retain moisture like we do! We dig all plants fresh prior to shipping. We keep no plants in a cooler, we keep them in the fields planted until the day prior or the day “of” shipping.

Q: I’d like to place an order but how do I know that you sells quality stock?
A: We are State Certified, members of the American Nurseryman’s Association, have a gold seal with Dunn & Bradstreet, CCR governmental certified. These are very trustworthy, licensed establishments with very high credientials. Check us out at these agencies that are very trustworthy. With us being a 3rd generation family-owned business, we have over 56 years backing us and superior state credientials.

Q. I received my order and I have a problem what do I do?
A. Read Our warranty at https://www.gardenplantsnursery.com/guarantee/ or give us a call at 931-692-4266

Q: Can I Place Orders By Phone?
A: Yes, Call us at 931-692-4837 or place secure online or via fax 931-933-7670. We are proud to announce that we have a 0% fraud score. When you place orders online, our site has the highest encryption of security we can get and when you place orders with a credit card, no one here ever see’s your card number – it goes directly through authorize.net.

Q. Do I get a discount for large orders?
A. Go to our wholesale website http://www.wholesalenurseryco.com

Q: Is Your Website Secure?
A: Yes, we have the highest encryption of security we could obtain and have a 0% fraud score. Some companies can’t afford to mention this but we are proud of it.

Q.Can I Call To ask A Question On A Specific Plant ?
A. Yes, However office personel may not know a great deal about plants so we ask you Email any questions regarding plants to tennwholesalenursery@gmail.com

Q: What if I only need 1 or 2 plants?
A: Anyone can order and we have no minimum orders. We have a wholesale list on our homepage for wholesale bulk orders.

Q: What Type Trees or Wetland Plants Do I Need For My Design?
A: We only sell the plants, so you will need to call you architect or landscapers and discuss these things. We will provide assistance where possible or you can purchase a “collection” which is a set of plants designed to complement each other.

Q: I want To See The Plants Before I Place an Order, Is that possible?
A: Yes, we have pictures of our fields click here or you’re welcome to schedule an appointment to come during our off season when we are not shipping, this is done in the months of July, August and September.

Q: Do you guarantee plants and trees that come from your wholesale nursery?
A: Our plants are dug fresh the day prior to shipping. We receive your orders and we dig them fresh. We guarantee you will receive Grade A Quality Plants and Guarantee you they will arrive alive.

Q: Can i Fax You A Request For Quote?
A: Yes – Fax us your quote or bid lists to 931-933-7670 or email them to us here

Q: How long after I submit a request for a quote will I get a response?
A: We answer all quotes the day they are received. If you do not receive one the same day, call us!

Q: When does shipping season start?
A: Ground Covers-Year Round
Ferns-Year Round
Wetland Plants-Year Round
All Perennials Ship In Spring & Summer Season from Mid April through August. We stop shipping all perennials the end of August.
We ship trees, evergreen, berry and shrubs from Nov 15th through April 15th (during dormant season when leaves are off).

Q: How is stock delivered?
A: We use USPS.

Q: Can I Mail In An Order?

    Sure. Mail an order form (printable on homepage) 

Q: My Box is damaged from transit ,what do i do?
A: Call the carrier and file a claim.You are advised to get insurance on your stock. We are not responsible for damaged packages in transit. We will help you by providing you with any invoices or needed information pertaining to the shipment. We do offer insurance if you request it when you place order.

Q: I live Out of the Country, can I order?
A: Our minimum order for international shipping is $5000.00.We obtain all federal phyto sanitary certifications, border documents and invoices for border releases. We have shipped internationally for 17 years. We know the rules.

Q: Can I pick my order up and pay then?
A: All orders must be pre-paid before we dig.

Q: How Can I check On An Order To See If Has Been Shipped or If I have a problem with a shipment received?
A. You will get an email notification the day your order ships.