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Daffodils, the Flower of Friendship 

The earliest mention of daffodils is found in the 6th Century A.D writings of the prophet Mohammad. In 1629 The British discovered them when the Romans brought them to Britain. At one point in history, daffodils were considered to have healing powers in the sap. From there, they eventually were brought to the west and became a favorite flower for the garden. Since then, these beautiful, brilliantly colored flowers have become a favorite of gardeners in the world ever. The flower symbolizes friendship and has 50 different species included in the daffodil family. Among these are also over 13,000 hybrids. They are considered Spring flowers since they are one of the earliest to bloom in the Spring. Blooming in clusters, they recur every year.

 Daffodils are also known as buttercups

 Occasionally you will hear them called the "trumpet flower" because of the trumpet-like appearance of the petals in the front. They just out from the back ring of petals that that circle underneath the front trumpet form. Yellow daffodils are the most familiar to people. Other colors include pink, lime-green, yellow and white and orange and white or orange and yellow. The base and the trumpet are usually in contrasting colors, although the natural daffodil is pure yellow.


 When growing daffodils using the correct depth is very important. If you don't, then the bulbs and flowers produced will be much less. Large bulbs need a depth of 6"-8".Medium would be 3"-6" and small bulbs 2"-3". Keep in mind also that daffodils require a lot of water. An excellent way to keep the growing area moist is to use mulch around the flowers. Approximately an inch of water per week is good. The best soil is slightly acidic with organic material. Plus, it should drain well. Do not use high nitrogen fertilizers on your flowers, and do not cut the foliage until it turns yellow around June.

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