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Foam Flower Plant

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Foam Flowers is a plant great for woodland gardens.

Hardy Planting Zone – USDA 3 through 9

 Bloom Season – Spring and fall

 Bloom Color – White or pink

 Height at Maturity – 6” to 12” inches

 Soil Type Preferred – Average soil, fertile soil, moisture retentive

 Sun or Shade – Part sun, shade


  The Foamflower, also known by its scientific name, Tiarella cordifolia, is a wildflower known for forming tall clumps with heart-shaped lobed leaves. 

 The species is found growing wild in various places such as North America, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Georgia, Maine, Tennessee, Ohio, Minnesota, and Kentucky. 

 It thrives in the wild in white cedar forests, hemlock, stream banks, and deciduous woodlands. It can commonly be seen growing wild near creeks and streams. 

 During the spring season, the foliage features starry white and pink-toned florets that cover the ground. 

It’s perfect for shade gardens and woodlands that have soil that is moist and well-drained. 

 The semi-evergreen and glossy leaves have long petioles that come directly from the runners. The florets have long stamens that create a feathery or foamy appearance. 

 The lopsided capsule is small and separates into two segments with a shiny black seed. The plant grows with an equal spread that measures 1’ tall and forms small colonies of dense clumps. 

 Foam flowers provide good ground cover that is ideal for shade gardens and wildlife gardens. It attracts butterflies and is often used as a nectar plant or as part of a mass or group planting. 

 These delicate foamy flowers look beautiful in rock gardens, cottage gardens, and perennial borders. They also make an excellent addition to any landscaping design.

 Foam wildflowers are easy to care for and look excellent planted alone or with a group of other plants. It adds a pop of color, brightness, texture, and fullness to any garden, yard, or landscape.

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