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Shade Ferns

Shade Ferns : a Very Ancient Family of Plants.

Shade ferns are the most common type of ferns - due to the fact that their natural habitats are under the forest canopy, and along creeks and streams. Ferns reproduce differently than other plants, where the plant grows from the seed, but instead reproduce from spores. Shade-loving ferns provide excellent texture and contrast in your shade garden with their beautiful arching fronds. They enjoy an organic, evenly moist, well-drained soil.

Classic shade garden favorites include:

  • The Sword Fern, which in addition to looking great in your garden will grow happily indoors in pots with minimal attention and care.

  • Male fern, a giant fern which makes a great centerpiece in your landscape. They will also look great in a container, perhaps on your porch or patio.

  • Lady Fern, which is said to be named that because of its elegant and graceful appearance. ( Much like a woman.) It is a lovely, bright yellow-green in color.

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