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Fern Grab Bag - 10 Ferns Perfect For Your Growing Zone

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Fern Grab Bag - 10 Ferns Perfect For Your Growing Zone are able to fill in space quickly, are low maintenance, and don't crowd out other plants, they can be used to create the garden space.

Fern Grab Bag - 10 Ferns Perfect For Your Growing Zone

The typical plant known as a fern is referred to scientifically as a pteridophyte. They are commonly found in the hardy planting zones 2 through 8, depending on the exact subspecies of the particular plant. Ferns typically grow to a height of between 1-4 feet tall at peak maturity. Ferns do not bloom in any season. Instead, they reproduce by disseminating tiny airborne spores. Most ferns prefer shady areas, while a minority of fern subspecies can tolerate moderate to low amounts of direct and sustained sunlight.


 Ferns make up approximately 12,000 different species. They are unique as they do not reproduce by creating seeds. Instead, they propagate in a suitable environment by releasing spores from the undersides of their fronds. They release millions of these spores at a time, making them a pretty prolific plant in terms of reproductive prowess.

 Fern Grab Bag offer a variety of ferns to add to your landscape

 Ferns are a popular addition to any shaded garden or lawn. They grow well in shaded environments with rich, moist soil and proper water drainage. Fern spacing largely depends on the type of fern species planted. However, a general rule is that most of them thrive planted approximately 4 feet apart. After planting them, they need a regular water supply to stay vibrant and healthy. Inadequate water will either hamper their overall growth rate and size or cause them to become wilted or dry.


 Nearly all ferns prefer a shaded or very shaded growing location. Deep shade without any sunlight, however, is not suitable for them. They are known to thrive in "dabbled shade," similar to what overhanging trees can provide them. Please don't be overly concerned about exposing them to a limited amount of direct sunlight. If your ferns are exposed to direct light, be sure that they are getting adequate water, and they will grow nicely.


 Ferns thrive in a humid environment, absorbing airborne moisture readily. With so many small leaves to cause moisture to run down, they are particularly adept at collecting this type of water.


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