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Fast Growing Trees - Beginner Package - 6 Trees-Chosen Perfect For Your Zone

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Fast Growing Trees - Beginner Package - 6 Trees-Chosen Perfect For Your Zone have thin horizontal-style branches that grow out about half their height.

Fast Growing Trees - Beginner Package offers our fastest growing trees to add to your landscape



 Fast-growing trees are some of the most popular trees that are found nowadays. They are far much more preferred than other tree species, mainly because they tend to give the benefits of maturing much sooner. Most people who are interested in using trees for landscaping purposes have by far gotten so many benefits from these types of trees. That is because they tend to add to the design of the landscape soon and helps one reap the actual benefits for which they were being planted in the first place, without having to wait much longer. Discussed below in detail are some of the top fast-growing tree species.

 Fast Growing Tree - Beginner Package include our maple and tulip trees

1. Maple trees

 This species of fast-growing trees are often well renowned for their beautiful autumn colors. These colors are often primarily displayed in the shades of yellows, browns, oranges, and reds. Some of this type of tree species may have spotting of these different colors, occurring at once. Many people often plant maple trees, mainly because they can be used as shade, specimens, and street trees.

 Apart from their ability to grow so fast, another reason people prefer this particular species of trees is that they can be resistant and tolerant to drought conditions. Most of these trees are found in the Acer genus and within the family of Aceraceae. In terms of structure, they come with massive deciduous woody trunks and shrubs that are multi-stemmed.


2. Tulip trees

 The tulip trees are a fast-growing species with fall-foliage stars, which derive their name from the striking resemblance that they often have with the classic tulip flower. These trees are primarily native to the North Eastern American parts and the state tree of Tennesse, Indiana, and Kentucky. In terms of appearance, these trees are identified mainly by their leafy and spring flowers shape. 

 The flowers in these trees tend to give them a yellowish-green color that comes with a touch of orange on the outer part. Usually, these trees are best planted during the early spring season, once the final frost is over. They often increase fast, with over 25 inches per year, then slowly with time as they get older. It is also essential to note that they tend to attract pollinators such as bees and hummingbirds to their nectar during the spring season. Some animals, such as rabbits and squirrels, also tend to find food on their seeds.


3. Pine trees

 A pine is any conifer that is found in the genus Pinus and Pinaceae family. This type of fast-growing tree has over 200 species and comes with beautiful features. Most pine trees are gardened using dwarf pine cultivars and are often chosen due to their attractiveness, making them very useful. They are, therefore, often primarily used for the aesthetic enhancement of gardens and landscape spaces.

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