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Elderberry Tree

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Elderberry tree can provide a gorgeous ornamental tree for your garden.

Elderberry Tree 


Hardy Planting Zone - Zones 3-10

Blooming Season - Spring and Summer

Bloom Color - Blue or purple, with white flowers

Height at Maturity - 20 feet

Soil type - Moist soil, although dry, can be acceptable

Sun or Shade - Sun, either in whole or partially exposed


 An elderberry tree is one of the many popular plants found in the wild and grown in gardens.

Elderberry trees are also known as "Sambucus" and come in many different types, such as American Elderberry, Black Elderberry, or Red Elderberry.

The tree can live from anywhere between twenty-five to fifty years in a healthy environment. It generally grows in planting zones four through seven and blooms in the spring and the summer months white flowers that grow blue and purple berries. The Elderberry can grow up to twenty feet tall, although some variations can only grow up to two feet tall as a shrub. 

 Elderberry trees can grow best in any moist soil that drains well and is slightly acidic; however, they can also live in dry soil and tolerate alkaline soil.

The tree also grows best with total sun exposure, although it can live in some shade, such as open forests and woodland areas. In addition to these areas, Elderberry can also be found growing on canyon slopes, cliff bases, and along the sides of lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams. As far as range goes, the elderberry tree can be found north as southern Canada, all across the United States, and as far south as northern Mexico. The tree leaves have serrated edges on them that will bloom into small, white flowers with four or five petals when the spring arrives.

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