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Dwarf Huckleberry

Dwarf Huckleberry

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The Gaylussacia dumosa or as more commoly known, Huckleberry shrub, is a medium size shrub that will grow to about 30" tall.

The nice little shrub is most well known for producing a good amount of blue berries. It is recommended to plant seeds in a sunny area just under the soil. Dwarf Huckleberry is a great plant to have on the lawn or in the garden area. It will grow around 6 to 18 inches high and will need to grow at least 15 inches apart because these will spread. This plant will love the full sunlight in gardens and can also grow well in lightly shaded areas. It will do best when put in moist soil conditions, and it does not like to be in dried soils. It is an unusual plant and will add color and will also produce excellent wildlife to the area. The huckleberry will also have great berries that can be enjoyed when they start to develop and grow on this plant. This bush will be beautiful as it is growing. It will give beautiful white flowers that will look splendid when in bloom and when the blooms go the berries will begin to appear. These delicious berries will be ready to eat by the latter part of the summer and in the fall. This plant will provide a garden with brilliant fall color as the weather begins to change. It is an excellent plant because when it has the gorgeous little white flowers it will produce lots of bees and butterflies to the garden. It will make a garden area come to life as they fly around and enjoy the nectar that these wonderful flowers will provide. The berry is a very easy plant to grow, and it will not take a lot of maintenance when it has become sophisticated. It needs little care when it is getting established into a garden or another area on the lawn.

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