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Drought Tolerant Plants

Don't Like Watering? Try Drought Tolerant Plants.

Drought Tolerant Plants do not have to mean cactus!

There are a variety of plants that will survive with little watering or it fairly dry conditions. Winterberry is a native holly. After the leaves drop, Winterberry displays the gorgeous bright red holly berries. This makes it gorgeous landscape plant for multiple seasons. The branches and berries are often used in table arrangements or wreaths. Birds eat the berries with gusto, but your pet should not. Burning bush is a fast-growing hedge that provides months of crimson fall color. It will tolerate almost any site and soil condition, and it requires minimal care. Forsythia provides brilliant yellow color in the very early spring. Forsythia needs at least six hours of sunlight a day to flower well. It can easily become overgrown. Prune forsythia immediately after it blooms.


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Drought Tolerant Plants