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Driftwood Rustic Piece 10-12"

Driftwood Rustic Piece 10-12"

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Driftwood rustic piece is about ten to twelve inches long and will be sure to add a rustic feel to any environment.

Due to its size, it can easily be used in any location and draw great attention to any area. Each piece of this driftwood will have its character and be unique. They all have a worn and weathered look to them that is very appealing to the eye. It can easily be placed on a fireplace mantle to give a house a beach house feel. Placing flowers around it can also add to the eye appeal. These also look great when planted in flowerbeds or on a porch. Driftwood is parts of trees that get uprooted and float ashore commonly near lakeshores, riverbanks, or beaches. With its versatility and great rustic look, this is sure to look great in an area of the house or garden and add lots of character!


Driftwood that are found in beaches and shorelines are also advantageous to maintaining the natural balance of the environment.


Driftwood assists in avoiding beach soil from erosion while concurrently offering protection to wildlife including birds and crustaceans. People who plan on redesigning their front lawn, backyard, or garden can also find driftwood to be a valued decorative material. Driftwood come in different dimensions and forms. It is easy to find driftwood that will fit your garden. To add up, all-natural driftwood decomposes rapidly thereby enriching the soil and its plants. Benefits of Driftwood If used correctly, one can unlock the advantages of driftwood. The tempering of elements empowers the driftwood, and its installation enables its invaluable nutrients to become accessible to animals and vegetation. When used for aquariums, driftwood effortlessly adds aesthetic value to your tank's overall decoration. Meanwhile, the marine life contained within the tank are given a place to nest and lay eggs. Also, the lifespan of your fish is prolonged due to a healthier environment since the driftwood minimizes the pH level of the tank water.

Driftwood Rustic Piece