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Deer Berry 1

Deer Berry

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Deer berry commonly known as buckberry, squaw huckleberry, tall deerberry and southern gooseberry is a deciduous shrub that belongs to the Health family.

It's closely related to blueberries and cranberries with greenish-blue berries that contain few soft seeds. It grows well in open woods on sandy and well-drained soils. It is a flowering plant that has oval, dark green, thin leaf blades that alternate and sometimes are hairy. This tree grows up to 16feet with a moderate growth rate and a high drought tolerance making it suitable for landscaping purposes. The most common garden use is that most people use it as a hedge plant. The plant is pollinated by bees with its primary pollinator being Melitta Americana. The great diversity of names is brought about by the fact that it is a source of food for many kinds of wildlife. The biggest fan being the deer hence its name deerberry. However, smaller animals such as chipmunks, wild turkey and ruffed grouse do all eat up the berries that have fallen on the ground. The best planting hardy zones for this tree would be hardy planting zones 3-11. The best part is that the berries have an amazing sugar taste and with an average growth rate of up to 4 feet per year. This astonishing tree grows in dry and rocky areas and that its wildfire adapted gives the reassurance that once planted it will be around for a while. This beautiful tree has hanging flowers with a bell shape and which are white in color during the early spring months. This tree can also be trimmed to meet the owner’s specifications to meet a stable height befitting the owner. For someone in love with nature and who love so have some wildlife around, this is the perfect tree to buy. Pertinently named and a steady growth rate, the deerberry has it all.

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