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Orange Daylily Plant

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Orange Daylilies flower best when planted in full sun .


Hardy Planting Zone: Zones 3-9

Bloom Season: Mid-spring through fall

Bloom Color: Gold, yellow, orange, cream, pink, purple, and red

Height at Maturity: 1 to 5 ft. 

Soil Type Preferred: Grows in most well-drained soils.

Sun or Shade: Full to partial sun 


 Originally from East Asia, daylilies are a member of the Asphodelaceae family. 

Despite their name, daylilies don’t classify as lilies due to having fibrous root systems rather than bulbous ones. 

Orange Daylily Plants are an excellent choice for those looking for a plant that reliably blooms without too much maintenance.

 They are quite versatile and are well-acclimated to vastly different climates. 

 Daylilies come in many unique varieties, allowing them to be used for multiple purposes, with many aesthetic choices available. While daylilies are primarily gold and yellow colored, they come in many additional colors, such as red, purple, orange, pink, and cream. While singular flowers only bloom for about a day, many flower buds attached to each stem that blooms one after the other. This means that daylilies will continuously blossom for a little over a month. 

 Due to their tolerance for different soil conditions, daylilies can be grown next to many different plants. 

Orange Daylilies are commonly used as shrub borders and walkway additions, but they’re best planted alongside ornamental grasses. 

While they’re able to thrive in pretty much any well-drained soil, daylilies require a lot of suns to blossom appropriately and need to be appropriately spaced away from other plants to avoid competition for nutrients. 

 Although daylilies aren’t poisonous, they’re not considered food favored by rabbits and similar wildlife, so that that deer might be the only pest concern.

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