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Cushion Moss

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Cushion moss will need to be watered often if the air is dry

Cushion moss grows best in hardy zones 3-9


Bloom Color – It has seldom seen reddish-brown capsules that ripen in autumn.

Height at Maturity – The dense clumps grow about 10 cm tall with a diameter ranging between several centers to a meter.

Soil Type Preferred- Cushion moss grows best in moist, wet, and well-drained soil. More so, it quickly adapts to any soil type. Also, the moss plant prefers soil with an acidic PH. 

Sun or Shade – The moss prefers shady areas. Besides, it tolerates some sunlight but not full sunshine.

  Cushion moss (Leucobryum glaucum) is one of the plants in the white moss family. It resembles pincushions and has a grayish-green appearance and medium growth rate. Female plants located at the edge of the turf are responsible for producing new plants. Note that weeds and grass clipping stunt its growth.

Cushion moss is recognizable by its large clumps, which resemble compact cushions.

 It grows well in a lowlight terrarium environment forming a dome shape when fully grown. While the moss requires relatively more sunlight than other mosses, you should keep it out of direct sunlight for optimum growth and a lush green appearance.


 The moss has a dark green color with a silvery-white hue. It is an excellent addition to a rock garden, shade garden, or alternative grass lawn.


 Cushion moss thrives in moisture-rich areas. Although the plant can withstand a lack of moisture for short periods, moist areas provide the best growing conditions. The clumps tend to absorb and retain water. Therefore, you should ensure you water the ground properly without creating puddles. Cushion moss grows anywhere, but water features and rock gardens tend to liven it up. 

Soil Conditions

 One of the best cushion moss plants' best features is not absorbing nutrients from the soil. The solid composition is, therefore, not vital. It will do just fine in loose gravel and sand. 

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