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Creeping Myrtle 6-8 leads

Creeping Myrtle 6-8 leads

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Creeping myrtle, or Vinca minor, is often referred to as the common or lesser periwinkle.

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Creeping Myrtle is also known as lesser periwinkle, dwarf periwinkle, small periwinkle, common periwinkle, and myrtle.

A trailing, viny subshrub that can grow across the ground. It scrambles to about 16 inches high but never twining or climbing. With evergreen leaves that are opposite of each other and gets to about 1.77 inches long and are broad, glossy dark green with a very leathery texture and also an entire margin. Flowers are solitary on the leaf's axis and will produce mainly from the early spring to the mid-summer and some flowers will bloom in the autumn. It has violet purplish flowers with a five-lobed corolla, and it has fruit that is small.

Mostly used as a ground cover because of the Evergreen foliage and the spring and summer flowers it produces. Will smother most weeds in the area and, of course, around it.

The Creeping Myrtle's growth can be restricted by removing the roots of the stems in the spring, and then because the wax leaves it has will shed most of the water-based herbicide sprays. Some removal means cutting, followed by a triclopyr to cut the stems. Creeping Myrtle can reach up to 6 inches off the ground when it matures. Creeping Myrtle is a durable ground cover that is mostly used as a deterrent for deer along with it's very beautiful and vibrant colored small flowers. The best time to plant is anytime during the winter or early spring. Creeping Myrtle can grow anywhere from full sunlight to full shade and can grow well in almost any soil. Creeping Myrtle is poisonous to both humans and animals and no part of the plant should be consumed.

USDA Climate Zone: 4 to 9
Scientific Name: Vinca minor
Tree Height: 6 inches off ground; stems can spread out up to 18 inches
Soil type: Evenly drained, moist soil (pH 6.1-7.8)
Blooming: spring to mid-summer
Sun: Full sunlight to full shade
Creeping Myrtle Ships As: Bareroot Plant