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Creeping Buttercup

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Creeping Buttercup plant has the ability to shed 20-50 seeds annually.

Creeping Buttercup Plant; Ranunculus Repens 

Ranunculus Repens, or Creeping Buttercup Plant, is a beautiful herbaceous perennial that can be enjoyed yearly with very little maintenance, providing good ground cover. This low-maintenance flower is perfect for flower beds, lawns, and borders. For a seasonal flower patch, the plant is hearty enough to withstand regular mowing during the off-season when the flowers are dormant.

 Each Creeping Buttercup Plant will grow to a height of approximately 18 inches. Gorgeous yellow flowers will crown the thin stems for up to a full four months. The leaves of the Creeping Buttercup Plant are a luscious green with three hairy lobes. The plants will bloom in late spring and continue through summer from May to August, making them the perfect complement to both early and late bloomers to ensure beautiful flowers all year long. 

 The Flowers are a vivid yellow, borne in small clusters. Each flower will have five shiny overlapping petals and open to a diameter of roughly 1 inch. They are very aromatic, making them a great addition to a bouquet and an excellent attractant to pollinators. Bees make for a healthy garden, which the Creeping Buttercup Plant will attract in droves!

Creeping Buttercup are hardy in zones 3 through 8

 Keeping Creeping Buttercup Plants healthy requires little effort. They prefer full to partial sun. Though they do best in moist loamy soil, they have been known to take root in almost any soil condition. From loam to heavy clay, they are prolific colonizers. Each fast-growing plant will spread to a diameter of roughly 3 feet. Given proper care, they will propagate naturally to fill whatever space the gardener desires. A wide range of habitats will allow this plant to thrive, doing well in USDA hardiness zones 3-8. 

 Historically, the buttercup has been used for arthritis, nerve pain, and skin problems, though it is recommended to consult a professional before ingesting any part of the plant. However, it is always safe to pluck a flower and hold it under your chin, which according to well-known childhood lore, would indicate a liking for butter. 

 Perhaps best of all, The Creeping Buttercup Plant has natural pest repellent properties. Mammalian herbivores avoid them, but critters (pets) who mistake consuming the plant will only experience stomach discomfort and no lasting poisonous effects. 

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