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Crab Apple Tree

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Crab apple trees is often called the "jewel of the landscape," and it's no wonder that this tree brings you beauty every season.

Crab Apple Tree 

The crabapple genus includes around 35 species and several cultivars.

Flowers bloom on the tree during spring. The flowers range in color from crisp white to a deep purplish-red.

Crabapple trees with large fruit are appealing if the tree is used for ornamental purposes.

Depending on where you live, it may be best to choose a crabapple tree that tolerates cold climates well. 

  The tree's fruit can be as small as 1/4 inch in diameter and as large as 2.5 inches wide. The larger fruits are ideal for jellies and jams and can also be eaten fresh. Kerr crabapple trees have bright red fruits, Shafer trees yield both yellow and red fruits about two inches. Rescue and Dolgo yield vibrant red fruits that around 1.5 inches wide. 

  Crabapple trees grow best in hardiness zones 4 to 8. Environments outside of these zones could be suitable for crabapples depending on the cultivar you select. For instance, Siberian crabapple thrives in hardiness zone 2, and southern crabapple trees grow well in zone 9. It can be challenging to grow the trees in small yards, but some smaller crabapple cultivars are ideal for limited space. The Tina cultivar grows as tall as 4 feet, and the Pink Princess and Leprechaun cultivars are double this height, which works well if you're using the trees as a garden border. 

  Crabapple trees grow best in loamy soil. The soil should have excellent drainage to preserve the health of the tree. The trees are often susceptible to rusts, scabs, and fireblight, so the area where you plant the trees could determine how disease-resistant they are. Crabapple cultivars that resist disease the most include; Jackii is cold-hardy with white flowers. The Robinson, which has bronze foliage and reddish-pink blooms.

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