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Coral Red Dogwood Shrub

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Coral red dogwood shrub branches will grow brighter in full sun.



The Coral Red Dogwood Shrub's hardy plant zone is 4-7.

It is native to North America and can primarily be found in the northern and western parts of the United States. Its growth does extend to the western parts of Mexico and as far east as Kentucky and Virginia, but these areas are far from its natural habitat. It is a perennial shrub with many landscaping uses.

It is excellent for creating borders and a hedge privacy screen.

It is sustainable in urban areas due to its tolerance to pollution. Also, it is often used in assisting with erosion control. 

  The bloom season for the Coral Red Dogwood Shrub is late spring and early summer. During May through July, the foliage is green. It is a vascular plant that has lignified tissues that guide water and minerals throughout the plant. It is a flowering plant that grows small white flowers during the summer. These flowers produce seeds for reproduction. In the winter, the stems of the plant turn red. The Coral Red Dogwood Shrub is interesting and appealing to the eye year-round due to its seasonal transitions.

  The shrub can grow anywhere between 6 feet to 18-feet in height. The width can grow to be anywhere from 5 to 8-feet wide. It can get large and appear to look like a tree. The size is what makes it helpful in creating a privacy hedge. 

  The Coral Red Dogwood Shrub prefers moist and well-drained soil. However, Coral Red Dogwood can find it growing along with bodies of water such as rivers, ponds, and streams and can be found in wetland areas. Although it prefers moisture, it does not like long-term root saturation. It likes nitrogen-rich soil and tolerates changing water tables. The shrub grows best in an environment of direct sunlight or partial shade.

  The Coral Red Dogwood Shrub has a wide range of uses, from erosion control to adding color and beauty to a floral arrangement. 

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