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Compost Mulch 1 Gallon bag

Compost Mulch 1 Gallon bag

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Compost Mulch Uses In Landscaping

Mulch and compost are critical for keeping plants in good condition in a garden. The most common types include chopped leaves, fresh wood chips, mushroom compost, pine straw, grass clippings, and cocoa mulch. This helps retain the moisture in the soil and keep weeds away from the plants. The best compost is made using decomposed organic ingredients. Gardeners refer to this as black gold. Organic compost will also leach nutrients into the soil. When it rains, small amounts of carbon and nitrogen are washed away which improves the quality of the soil.  A thick layer works best because it blocks the sun from any emerging weeds much better than a thinner layer. Perennials should be surrounded with a two to four-inch layer of compost.

During the growing season, the compost will work into the soil to help the flowers thrive.

These layers should be replaced during the summer and fall for optimal results. Compost provides shelter for younger plants from server weather including extreme cold, ice and snow. Any extra compost left when spring comes can be removed. This will enable the sun to warm the soil.  Compost is a way to protect plants and perennials, prove extra nutrients and ensure better health and growing conditions. The best type of compost is dependent on the conditions of the area, weather, and plants.
 Compost mulch is great when used in the garden. It will help to keep plants in the best condition. It is comparable to nonorganic mulches. Unlike common organic mulches, however, using this will help to keep the soil consistently nutritional which is essential to plant life. This happens because rainfall will help wash the small amounts of nitrogen and carbon further into the soil. When using this mulch, it is best to apply a thick layer. It is recommended to add a 2-4 inch thick layer and spread it out about 12 inches away from the plant. During the months that the plants tend to grow, spring through fall, it is best to keep applying the compost mulch at least once a month. This can also be added to potting soil or garden soil to help enrich it by adding extra nutrients. Consider this option if you want a nutrient-rich soil at a low cost.
Compost Mulch