Climbing Fern

Climbing Fern

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Climbing Fern-Lygodium Palmatum

Climbing Fern - Lygodium

The Climbing Fern is named for the fact that it can climb vertical surfaces as it grows. This fern grows about 1 to 2 feet per year and can cover trees, fences, walls, and other nearby plants. It has bright green blades. This fern does best in humid air, with shade or partial sun. Climbing Fern is unique as it really doesn't look like a fern at all. The leaves or fronds are rounded on the ends and it climbs by wrapping itself around other plants and things. The fronds on this plant can be up to 15 feet long and about 5 inches wide when it is fully grown. It is considered to be an evergreen plant and in some states is considered a protected plant due to over picking. This fern climbs and will look great on a trellis or arbor. It does prefer full to partial shade and very moist well-drained soil conditions. Lygodium Palmastum is the botanical name for this plant. Climate Zone:  5 through 9 Mature Height: 3 to 15 Feet Mature Width:  4 to 5 Inches Sunlight:  Full to Partial Shade Soil Type: Very Moist, Wet, Well-Drained Soils
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