Chicken Manure Compost 5 gallon bags

Chicken Manure Compost 5 gallon bags

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Chicken manure compost is one of the most sought-after composts for a vegetable garden.

This compost contains high amounts of nitrogen. It also has a great amount of potassium and phosphorus. This balance makes it one of the best manures to use for gardening purposes. Using this in a vegetable garden will be sure to help the vegetable plants grow bigger as well as healthier. It is one of the best composts to use for any vegetable garden. There is not much work involved when spreading this in the garden. All you have to do is spread it evenly in the areas in which you would like and then work it into the soil. This can easily be done by shovel or by a tiller. It can also be used as a fertilizer. If a high yield of healthy vegetable plants is what you are searching for, this would be the best compost to purchase! A natural approach to fertilizing your garden is by adding chicken manure compost.



This organic waste material has a dark, rich color that once added to your garden, will produce a nutrient-packed recipe of natural supplements back into your soil.


This slow-release fertilizer is high in Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Hens need a lot of calcium to produce eggs. Therefore their feed contains high amounts of this valuable vitamin. In turn, the chicken compost manure contains a high amount of calcium that can help raise your soil's ph level. Mixing chicken manure into a compost bin and letting it heat and cure for 45-60 days will produce the most abundance of balanced nutrients for your soil. As the compost heats, microorganisms naturally break down materials turning them into fertilizer by decomposing. In addition to this, it can add many other benefits to your garden. Using chicken compost manure increases a soil's ability to hold water. It will also improve your soil's productivity and overall health. Two to three weeks before planting, till 6 to 10 inches of manure compost into your soil to provide a nutrient source that will feed your plants throughout the growing season. Mixing ahead of time ensures that the soil's microorganisms are active. Another positive to adding chicken manure is that it can decrease aluminum toxicity that can be found in more humid temperate regions like West Virginia or the Mid-Atlantic states. Also, chicken manure contains a bacteria used in the poultry's digestive process which aids in the breaking down of organic matter. This process gives the plants a more soluble way to absorb the nutrients from the soil. This odorless manure can be stored for a long time before it starts to lose any of its nutrients. This desired fertilizer will produce excellent soil for your vegetables to grow in.

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