Chestnut Oak Tree

Chestnut Oak Tree

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Latin Name- Quercus Montana Hardy Planting Zone-7-10 Mature Height- 60-70 ft Width- 60-70 Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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Chestnut Oak Tree bark is known to be exceptionally dark grey and has deep ridges within the bark.

The leaves of this oak tree are rather large and look almost the same as other kinds of oak trees. This tree is known to be an excellent investment in many future years due to its slow growth habit and long lifespan, which can be well over three hundred years. This tree blooms in the springtime with small catkins, male and female. These small catkins later change into little acorns that ripen in the fall. These oak trees acorns are a primary food source for many kinds of wildlife, even more so for squirrels and deer who have no other food sources during the winter months. This oak tree has a broad canopy, and in the fall turns a wine red color as the leaves being to die. This tree shouldn't be mixed with the Swamp Chestnut Oak, which prefers wetlands. This oak tree prefers ridges and mountains, instead preferring dry soils to grow in. This tree is a native Oak and is found growing extensively among the Appalachian Mountains. This tree tends to grow in thin, rough, rocky soil better than other trees. The Chestnut Oak Tree rises high above all others. Its expansive reach goes far out in all directions as if opening its arms in a hug. It's an enormous trunk is wide in girth and solid in strength. Its dark green leaves provide excellent shade and protection against the elements. A tree like this is not simply an addition to your landscape, it is an investment in your future and the future of the world. Many will find comfort in its shade, young one will play up high in its bows, and birds and perch and raise their young in its highest branches. A tree like this requires a lot of space and will continue to grow years from now. It turns a gorgeous, wine-red in the autumn, and a hardy deep green in the summer.

Climate Zone: 7 to 10 Mature Height: 60 - 70 Feet Mature Width: 60 - 70 Feet Sunlight: Full Sunlight Soil Conditions: Silt or Clay

Chestnut Oak Tree Ships As: Bareroot Plant