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Chestnut Oak Seedlings

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Chestnut Oak Seedlings grow between 60-70 feet at maturity.

Hardy Planting Zone- The best planting zones are 3-9.

 Bloom Season - Typically toward the end of Spring in May.

 Bloom Color - Bares nuts and yellow to green leaves.

 Height at Maturity - Between 60-70 feet.

 Soil Type Preferred- Moist, well-drained, with an acidic pH.

 Sun or Shade - Full to partial sun.

The chestnut oak tree is a low-maintenance tree and is a unique addition to any private or public landscape with a wide-open space. 

With a distinct ridged bark ranging from light to medium gray, the chestnut oak produces small to medium-sized acorns that mature from September to October and brings about local wildlife as a staple food. Deer, squirrels, and woodpeckers feed on the acorns, and even livestock are known to snack on the nuts. Often, birds use the branches for nesting, and the tree produces long, coarsely-toothed leaves with serrated edges that vary in colors throughout the year. The leaves can grow up to eleven inches long and even produce nonshowy seedlings.

While the chestnut oak prefers moist, well-drained soil, it can easily adapt to dry, rocky soil as well. 

Find a strong sapling as transplanting a chestnut oak over two years old can be difficult. If your chestnut oak is over two years, be sure to select a place with good soil which can help it acclimate and thrive. Be sure to find a location that gets a minimum of six hours of full sunlight for the best growth.

  Anyone looking for low-maintenance options with a tall trunk needs to look no further than the chestnut oak. It is a kept tree that grows with a rounded crown providing exceptional shade year-round. Perfect for parks and open landscapes, the chestnut oak is a stunning shade tree.

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