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Carex Pennsylvanica

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Carex Pennsylvanica often grow in a creeping manner around oak trees.

Carex Pennsylvanica - Pennsylvania Sedge Plugs Growing Guide 

This sedge plant makes an excellent addition to garden spaces where it is difficult to get other plants to grow. Because it is used to filling in shady or forest floor areas naturally, it works well as a ground cover or a shady garden space. Plugs are a great way to establish this plant, but they will require extra attention to establish themselves initially. 


 If you are considering Pennsylvania Sedge plugs, these are some of the growing conditions to consider. 


Pennsylvania Sedge Description

 The Pennsylvania Sedge is a thick, low-growing plant that resembles fine, long grass. Its bright green color and tendency to creep along with the soil as it grows to mean that any area planted will quickly fill in with color. 


Hardy Planting Zone

 You should only add the Pennsylvania Sedge plugs to garden spaces within hardy zones three to eight. 


Bloom Season of Pennsylvania Sedge

 The flowing sedge plants produce a tiny bloom that can be witnessed from May to June, as soon as it's warm enough for the grassy mounds to fill in. 


Bloom Color

 While there are flowering blooms on the Pennsylvania Sedge, they are short bloomers and minor. A bright yellow-colored flower will fill in the grass clumps and only last a couple of days. 


Height at Maturity

 Most of the Pennsylvania Sedge plugs that are planted will reach an average of eight inches tall when fully mature. Some of the tallest plugs can reach as much as twelve inches tall, but the plant is more likely to spread than grow in height. 


Carex Pennsylvanica is tolerant to all kinds of soil

 The Pennsylvania Sedge is incredibly tolerant of all kinds of soil conditions. The plant is capable of growing in wet to dry soil as long as it receives moisture periodically. 


Sun or Shade?

 The sedge grows best in shaded conditions, which is actually where it grows naturally. 


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