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California Privet

California Privet

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Latin Name- Ligustrum Ovalifolium Hardy Planting Zone- 5-8 Mature Height- 10-15 ft Width- 3-5 ft Sun or Shade- Partial Shade

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"The Ever So Majestic California Privet"

The California Privet is a beautiful flowering plant that's popular among gardeners. These hearty flowers are extremely hardy and do well in most areas. Of course, with the exception of those located in places with a lot of rain! Reaching a height of ten to twelve feet tall, they can basically be planted anywhere. Thriving in soil that's well-drained, which prevents any chance of root rot from developing.
The California Privet will grow like wildfire when fertilizer is added to its soil. They truly add a decorative touch to one's garden and enhance the yard's beauty as well. Which is why so many homeowners choose to use them in their landscaping. For a low maintenance plant with its own special appeal, the California Privet is the way to go. 
California Privet has thick foliage and limbs that tangle together, useful for shaping privacy fences, borders, and shaping different plant shapes. The Foliage is a dark green, oval in shape, and rather small. This foliage also grows back rather quickly making it a good plant for hedges and shaped plants.
California Privet plant flowers in the late summer months with many hundreds of small white flowers. The flowers later change into small drupes. These drupes are edible for birds and other wildlife. The foliage is not for human consumption. 
This shrub can grow in a variety of soils but struggles in sandy soils as well as hard clay soils. This plant prefers moist soils, but they must be well drained to prevent root rot. This hedge is native to Asia and is sometimes referred to as Japanese Privet. It can grow all over the world but is must significantly be increased in Europe. This plant grows rather slowly at times and can be a mature height of sixteen feet at around twenty feet of age. This plant prefers the soil pH levels to be between 5.5 to 8. Climate Zone: 5 to 8 Mature Height: 12 to 15 Feet Mature Width: 8 to 10 Feet Sunlight: Prefers Full Sunlight to Partial Shade Soil Conditions: Prefers dry, clay, and sandy soils
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