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Button Bush Live Stakes

Button Bush Live Stakes

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Button Bush Live Stakes are a small plant that grows quickly and only grows as high as ten feet high. In some cases, it can be found growing as high as fifteen feet high.

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Button Bush Live Stakes grows naturally in wetlands, swamps, lakes, and other areas where extreme amounts of moisture are found.

It is known for its beautiful flowers that can grow as large as one inch across. These flowers resemble buttons and have small hairs coming off of them. These small plants can also be noticed due to its bushy shape and leaf color. The plant is a major food source for deer who feed upon the fresh leaves. The leaves and foliage on Button Bush Live Stakes are also consumed by waterfowl and used to create nests for them to protect their eggs. The blooms also attract many hummingbirds who love the sweet nectar.

Button Bush Live Stakes is a key plant for the everglade's ecology. Because of this plant's thick base and natural abilities to form thick stands, it is a very useful plant in preventing soil erosion. The seeds have a brown color and can be spread by water and wind. Button Bush Live Stakes is a tiny plant that grows about ten feet tall. In some special conditions, it can reach heights of fifteen feet. The Button Bush Live Stakes is quite hardy and grows well in waterlogged soil such as swamps and lakes. The small plant is multi-stemmed and has beautiful white flowers that are the size of golf balls.

The plants have very little maintenance costs. For one, they are not prone to any particular pests.

They are great for use as a fencing plant. In addition, the buttonbush plant can be planted at the edge of ponds for a beautiful look. The pincushion-like flowers are also great for bees. Most insects are attracted to these flowers for the nectar. They use it to create honey, which is great for beekeepers. The leaves and stems are also a favorite of many birds and animals. Deer will eat their leaves for food. In addition, waterfowl use this plant to create nests for egg protection. The plant forms a very thick base. It makes it an excellent plant for preventing soil erosion. The plant is an essential part of the North American ecology, where it is native. It is bought as live stakes, which sprout roots quickly in the summer months. For the best results, the stakes should be implanted at the beginning of summer when the sun is in full bloom.

Climate Zone: 4 to 10
Mature Height: 10 to 12 feet
Mature Width: 8 - 10 feet
Sunlight: partial and full sun
Soil Conditions: Moist, Wet.
Button Bush Live Stakes Ships As: Bareroot Plant