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Bushy Bluestem

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Bushy Bluestem  is very resistant to deer and should help produce a solid and appealing lawn for those who want a high-water grass that thrives in the autumn months.

Bushy Bluestem grows well in zones 3 through 9

An Attractive Bunchgrass for Moist Terrain-Bushy Bluestem Grass 

A bunchgrass adds beauty, texture, and aesthetic appeal to your landscape. Bunchgrasses or ornamental grasses not only look beautiful but also have their sound. As the wind blows, the grass moves and waves- making the music of nature. Ornamental grasses are perfect for landscape borders and provide beauty year-round to your property. The Bushy Bluestem Grass is an excellent bunchgrass addition to your lawn, especially if you have some troublesome areas that have poor drainage.


 This grass is native to the lower western and eastern United States. Still, it grows well in zones 3-9 as it tolerates a variety of soil types. This perennial does well in light shade but prefers full sun and requires watering two times per week. This bunchgrass grows to approximately 3 feet tall and has a plant spread of 3 to 4 feet. Bushy Bluestem Grass is pest and deer resistant. 

 Bushy Bluestem helps with erosion control

 Planting ornamental grasses aids erosion control. Roots of the plant hold the soil together and prevent the run-off of water. The roots hold the valuable topsoil in place.


 The grass bunches are very appealing in the fall and winter, with cinnamon and white coloring. During the growing season, the grass shows blue stems. Finally, during the late summer, ​bushy flowers appear.


 Ornamental grasses are not just pleasing to the eye for human onlookers. Wildlife enjoys these plants too. Native grasses provide seeds for birds to feed upon and habitat for birds and other species of animals. Butterflies and other insects utilize the grasses for a home too.


 When planting, place the crown of the grass at soil level and water the roots and surrounding ground slowly as not to further disturb the topsoil. Keep the roots moist during dry or drought conditions, and you’ll have beautiful ornamental grass to enjoy year-round for many seasons to come.

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