Bushy Beard Grass

Bushy Beard Grass

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Bushy Beard Grass is best grown in zones 5-10.

It will grow in moist to normal soils and grows well in full sunlight. Although this plant does prefer to be in wet soils, it will also grow in ordinary soils as well. This plant does look very similar to grass with its slender stems, and if often mistaken for a grass weed. It has a root clump that is massive and fibrous or string like in appearance. Seeds can be dispersed by birds, ducks, and other wildlife by eating this plant or playing in it. The wind also carries the seed to spread to other areas. This plant does have leaves, but they are small and do not grow to be more than an inch in diameter. It is tolerant of extreme damage by rabbits, deer, and other wildlife. However, it does not do well in drought or very hot heat. Bushy Beard Grass will be green for most of the year but will change to orange, or yellow during the spring and summer months. It makes an excellent cover for large areas such as fields. It will require no maintenance and will flourish in many different areas. It has nodes connecting to the stem that resembles a human joint. It will have unique flowers that look like a beard and make a good cut flower. This grass is very good for a beginner gardener for use in a water garden. It is often seen in low lying marshes or swamps of the Eastern Coast of the United States. It is the only moisture loving Andropogon. Bushy beardgrass is a species of ornamental grass that lives up to its name with its fluffy, large, clusters of flowers and its ability to reach heights of up to six feet. This eye-catching grass needs fertile, moist, loamy soils that don't dry out and full sun to flourish. Once it's established, however, it easily and freely self-seeds in optimum growing conditions. Climate Zone: 5 to 10 Mature Height: up to 6 feet Mature Width: 2 to 3 feet Sunlight: Full Sun

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