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Box Elder Live Stakes

Box Elder Live Stakes

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The Box Elder Live Stakes is a very interesting tree that is a member of the maple family.

Although it is from the maple family, it is quite different from a typical maple tree. The Box Elder is perfect for areas that experience quite a bit of seasonal flooding. It also does quite well in areas that have a problem supporting other kinds of trees. The Box Elder is considered to be a shade tree that has the distinction of bearing fruit. It is a very hardy tree and it does very well in cold climates as well as warmer areas.

The Box Elder can grow between 30 and 60 feet in height.

The trunk of the tree can grow to 30 inches in diameter. The leaves distinguish themselves from the typical maple tree in that they have a central stem that supports between three and seven separate leaflets that grow in opposite directions from one another. The leaves are light green and in the fall they turn yellow. The bark of the tree is a brownish gray. Unlike the typical maple tree, the Box Elder develops flowers that form in hanging groups. The flowers bloom in March and April before any leaves start to develop. The Box Elder is a very adaptable hardy tree that will enhance the appearance of any landscape design in any climate.
Box Elder Live Stakes