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Bog Blueberry

Bog Blueberry

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Bog blueberry bush comes in a variety of colors as it grows.

Native to the Northern hemisphere, it grows off of a brown branch that releases flowers when it blooms. The leaves are a beautiful green color and the flowers start with a red base leading out to white petals. As it continues to grow, releasing a dark blue-black berry that is white on the inside. It is edible and very sweet at the close of its bloom in late summer. The plant follows a typical life cycle, starting in the winter when the life cycle begins. The branches begin to show leaves in the early spring, as the flowers continue to grow as the week's progress. The first berries will begin to show in early summer, but the fruit will not be completely bloomed, or ripe, until late summer. This is when the fruit will taste the best. The plant can grow in a variety of locations. It is found in the temperate to cooler climates in the Northern Hemisphere at altitudes closer to sea level all the way as far north as the Arctic. It can also be found at higher altitudes in the Alps, Caucasus, Pyrenees, and other mountain range throughout Europe and China. They have also been spotted in the Sierra Nevada of California and in Japan. It tends to grow best in acidic, moist soil found everywhere from the heartland all the way to the tundra. They are also found growing beneath coniferous trees at a variety of altitudes, ranging from sea level to close to 3500 meters. The wet soil is important for providing proper nutrition and the acidic soil contains many of the minerals necessary for proper growth and taste of the fruit. These plants vary widely in height, ranging from just a few inches all the way up to two and a half feet. Some can even range a full meter in height. The leaves can grow to as large as an inch, with flowers producing fruit that grows to about a third of an inch in diameter. This is a popular plant for the fruit it produces.

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