Blue Phlox

Blue Phlox

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Blue phlox make an excellent ground cover and works best for planting under shrubs since they like the shade. The flowers will bloom in the early spring."

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Blue Phlox needs shade to grow at its best.

A semi-evergreen perennial that will grow about 10 to 12 inches tall with opposite, stalked, hairy leaves that are an ovate lanceolate shape. The flowers will bloom in the early spring. It has five leaves that join at the bottom of the plant into a thin tube. Some colors and or names are blue which is called the blue moon, lavender that is called clouds of perfume and white which is called fuller's white or white perfume. Needs partial sun to full shade and attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. Likes a loamy soil and is also has a star shape flower and looks great in about any flower bed and as a border around your house or decks. Just keep in mind though that this plant does like and need some sun but grows best in full shade. Some of the pests of this plant are a powdery mildew, stem cankers, rust, southern blight and leaf spots to name some.

Creeping phlox make an excellent ground cover also and works best for planting under shrubs since they do like the shade.

Sternenzauber flowers are fringed and pointed, and this is where the star look comes from. Native Americans also called April's full moon. Blue Phlox - Phlox Divaricata USDA Climate Zone: 3 - 8 Plant Height: 12 - 18 Inches Plant Width: Depends on Maintenance Soil Type: Prefers Loamy Soil but is Adaptable to Various Soils Sun: Prefers Partial Shade to Full Shade The Blue Phlox is a perennial that can have many different shades of blue, star-shaped flowers that bloom in the early spring. This plant will only reach a height of one to two feet but will continue 'creep' growing along the ground unless it a trimmed back. It can grow in almost any type of soil but enjoys loamy soil the most. This makes the Blue Phlox an excellent ground cover. Even though it does need some sun to survive this plant does best in the shade. The Blue Phlox has a thick stem and rounded green leaves that are almost completely hidden by the abundant flowers. It attracts many different types of birds, most of all hummingbirds, and several species of butterflies.

Climate Zone: 3 to 8
Mature Height: 12 to 18 inches
Sunlight: partial sun to full shade
Blooming: early spring
Soil Conditions: various
Blue Phlox Ships As Bareroot Plant