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Blue Gama Grass

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Blue Gama Grass  will produce a handsome appearance in cold and warm weather areas.

Blue Gama Grass reaches about 14 inches in height when it has fully matured

Blue Gama Grass is typically known as turf grass and usually lines pathways and the edges of gardens. The plant only reaches about 14 inches in height when it has fully matured. Leaves on the plant have a fine texture and are soft to the touch. When you look at the plant in detail, you'll notice seeds with a blue-green color. These heads grow downward and make the plant look like it has eyelashes or brushes that are growing underneath. When the growing season is over, usually in September or October, the leaves turn to tan or dark yellow. 

 Blue Gama Grass is drought-resistant

 You'll likely see Blue Gama Grass growing in large clusters on farms or in open fields. It's a plant commonly seen in the southern states and in higher elevations where there isn't as much vegetation. The plant enjoys being in wet environments, but it can thrive in dry conditions as it's resistant to drought conditions. The seedheads of the plant tend to grow taller than the stem itself, making the plant stand above other flowers and grasses that are in the area. A thin root system grows well in rich soil.

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