Wild Flowers

Wild flower Perennials

If you have an area in your yard where nothing seems to grow then, you should look at all perennials and wild flowers. These flowers do precisely what they say, and they cover the ground, some ground covers can also grow vertically, and where they will grow along trellises, posts, fences, and some will even grow up the side of walls. Clematis and Wisteria plants are excellent choices for growing near porches and over backyard arbors. They are also excellent for weed control since they have such an aggressive fibrous root system. They also work correctly to help stop soil erosion along hills and areas where the soil may be a little softer than in other areas.

Some of our most popular plants are the evergreen clematis because has rather large green leaves, and they also feature large spring blossoms that have a fragrance that resembles the magnolia flowers. Another favorite is the honeysuckle plants, and they have flowers that are incredibly fragrant, and they are usually somewhat colorful as well. Most of the vining groundcover plants are extremely easy to take care. So no matter where you need to plant something at in your garden, you will quickly find a ground cover that will fit your needs.

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