Which Maple Trees Are The Best

Which maple trees are best?

A good one for a small area in the Japanese maple. This tree is an excellent choice due to its size for one thing. It will grow from 6 to 25 feet depending on which variety you get. In the fall, the leaves may be red, green, yellow or purple. It has a natural purplish leaf to begin. It is also a very slow growing plant and is mostly desired by homeowners for its foliage and color. One of the most popular maples is the Red Maple. This one makes an excellent shade tree in the summer and has brilliant color in the fall. It can grow large up to fifty feet tall. It is known for its changing color in the fall. Red Maple is that it has what is known as weak wood and can be damaged by storms. The Sugar Maple is a good choice for a shade tree as well. These trees do better where they have lots of room to grow, and they grow to between 80 and 120 feet tall. It doesn’t require much maintenance; however, it does not handle pollution very well. Its sap can be made into delicious maple syrup. It makes a great shade tree and again, is just beautiful in the fall when the leaves turn. The Silver Maple is another tree that provides excellent shade in the warmer months. It does grow tremendous, usually between 50 -60 feet. If planting these trees in your backyard; however, you may want to put a good distance from any buildings, etc., as it tends to have a very aggressive root system that has been known to crack foundations, sidewalks, sewer lines, etc.

Another problem with this tree is that it is considered to have weak wood and can be severely damaged by wind or ice storms. There are many varieties of these species so research them all before you purchase. Maple trees can be susceptible to some insects and diseases. Watch these trees as they grow for any unforeseen problems. Some nurseries, hardware or home improvement stores do sell items to help with your care of your tree. Before you begin treating a problem such as insects, etc., it would be wise to consult a tree specialist in your area who want healthy trees; Whatever variety of Maple Tree you choose will need some work for the first few years. You will need to keep the soil fertilized with an excellent fertilizer for Maples. Keep enough water going to the tree and be sure that the drainage around the tree is sufficient. It is wise to remember that Maples along with any other tree will take a few years to develop a mature root system that can withstand things such as dry weather and storms. With patience and the proper care, growing a beautiful Maple Tree can be quite beneficial. It will provide shade, attract birds, and have beautiful colors in the fall for years to come.