Preserve Fresh Flowers

Preserving fresh flowers

There are a couple of ways to preserve and keep those fresh flowers lasting for a while after they are received. It will depend on which way is best for the consumer that is wanting to preserve the flowers.

When perennial flowers come in a vase of water from a florist, there is usually a small packet that will come with them sometimes. When this packet is added to the water of the vase, it will keep the flowers fresh looking for days. Inside of this packet is a combination of sugar, an acidified and biocide that is created at the plant. Some natural ways to keep flowers fresh looking, and they are very simple. One great way to make sure that flowers stay fresh and can receive enough water through their stems is to cut them slightly at an angle. The knife will need to be very sharp and not be a serrated knife because they can cause damage to the stems of the flowers.

Once the water is in a vase and ready for the flowers, drop a penny and an aspirin into the water. Let the aspirin dissolve and make sure it disappears into the water. Then place the flowers into a vase, and the combination of the penny and aspirin will work well in preserving fresh flowers for a few days. There are also some other ways and some natural preserves that can be made. The can be prepared by mixing a small amount of lemon-lime soda and bleach. It will need to be 1 part of soda to 3 parts of water and then add ΒΌ teaspoon of bleach to the mixture. Lemon juice and sugar can also add bleach. Also, another great and easy idea is to use mouthwash such as Listerine. It will help the water move up the stems of the flowers because it contains bactericide. Also, clear all the leaves from the flowers that will be under the water and never take thorns off of roses because that will damage the stems. It is also great to check the water in the vase several times a day to make sure that the flowers will have enough to survive. Replace the water once it begins to look dirty so that they will always have fresh water, and the mixture for preserving these flowers will need to be added again. Purple Coneflower, a plant with a large head is not suitable for maintaining.

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