Perennial Plants

Perennial Plants

Perennials can be brought indoors to enjoy

 Who doesn’t love their yards? We take pride and great joy in being able to show all of our hard work. Does the hard work have to stay on the outside of our home? The answer is, No. Perennials are a good example.

When it comes to plants, they do not just have to stay on the outside of our home they can be grown indoors or cut fresh and brought inside to enjoy! Perennials like Blue bells, Cross vines or Daffodils can be made indoors both fresh and potted.

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Once the perennials are cut what can one do with them? Use those fresh flowers in vases, use them as a centerpiece or dry them and use them as potpourri. Fresh flowers can brighten up any room with their bright color and slight aromas.

Flowers can also be grown in pots and taken to a person who is in the hospital, someone not feeling well or someone who needs a bit of cheering up. Flowers especially fresh flowers have a way of showing someone that you care.

Fresh flowers can also make wreaths or be added to the hat for an added touch. Why not enjoy what we take pride?

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