Neutral Colors Dominate Most Upscale Home Interiors

Neutral Colors Dominate Most Upscale Home Interiors

Neutral Colors Dominate Most Upscale Home Interiors

Why Neutral Colors Dominate Upscale Home Interiors

Walking through the best homes in most upscale communities in the United States will not reveal a rainbow of pastels, vivid or deep paint colors on the walls. In fact, nearly all more exceptional homes have their walls coated in neutral shades of light browns, tans or beiges These colors will change gradually from room to room but will all blend effortlessly together. It may seem curious that homeowners who could afford nearly any home decor they wanted would choose ones that are so muted. There are many reasons why this is done. 

Conflicting With Artwork

Art is chosen because of the quality of the work and not the color scheme. It is easy to include a favorite piece in any room when neutral colors like an antique white are used on the wall. This is not true when people use colors that are attention-getting on their own. Paint color that is too aggressive could even reflect on the artwork and reduce its visual appeal.

Avoiding Overdone Interiors

Many upscale homes have design elements that are bold and daring. These may be architectural details, elaborate lighting or unique accessories. Neutral shades of beiges and tans never compete for attention with these features. Using a bold wall color along with these other elements could become overwhelming and look too busy or garish.

Stealing the Attention

The walls are not the focus in most homes. It is the furnishing and accessories that most people want their guests to notice. Walls painted in light browns, antique white or beiges act as a backdrop that will accentuate the personal items in the room.

Staying in Fashion

Neutral colors are timeless and work with any style. Painting a home with soft to medium shades instead of trendy hues will prevent the rooms from becoming outdated too quickly. It also makes it much easier to swap out the accessories for each season without needing to repaint.

Retaining the Value

Neutral paint colors are preferred by homebuyers and help homes to sell faster and for more money. Even homeowners that like bold and bright colors will not be put off by neutral walls because most will see them as a blank canvas instead of something they have to repair.

Any home will look more upscale and refined when a neutral color scheme is applied. It will increase, rather than limit the design possibilities. The best part is that many of these shades are less expensive than trendy colors and are easier to cover with another tone when it is time to repaint