How to transplant moss

Transplanting Moss is a straightforward thing to do and will not take a lot of time. Moss plants can be ordered online from an online plant nursery, and they can also be found growing wild in wooded areas or where the area is damp and in a cool place. Moss plants are great to add a lot of colors to areas under large trees that do not receive a lot of sunshine and can also look great in natural areas. To remove the moss from the wooded areas is very simple to do. Just place a small shovel slight slant and scoop up the moss plant. There does not have to be a lot of dirt with the plant. Make sure that all grass and other weeds are removed from the moss plant before transplanting. Find a great place where it is nothing but dirt. Scratch an area to loosen the soil and place the moss down on the loosened dirt. Make sure that the area when the moss is transplanted stays damp so that it will take root very well.

Most moss plant will also spread and cover large areas once they take root and are thriving. Make sure that all the weeds and grass stay out of the area where the moss is trying to grow. When ordering from online plant nurseries there will be specific instructions on how to plant moss plants, and they will be very simple to grow, and they will look beautiful when mature. When transplanting moss plants from the wild, it may need work ordering them online. But this is a great way to go into the woods and pick the right moss plants that you are looking. It is like shopping in nature’s plant store. Some great and beautiful moss plants grow wild, and they will look fantastic when added to the area or natural area. It is a lovely nature area for a lawn, and it will look splendid once the moss plants begin to take root and start to grow. We have a large selection of moss and ferns on our site.