Excellent Shade Trees

Excellent Shade trees

Shade trees are a much-coveted tree for most homeowners, especially those that have wide open backyards with little shade. They help to save energy and will help to cool your yard in the summer months, as well as act as a windbreak. In addition to this purposefulness they provide, they also bring spring and fall color and provide a haven for many wildlife creatures. The River Birch is an excellent variety. It is unique in its appearance and will have bark with a cinnamon color to it. It will provide year-round color and reach its prime during the fall months of the year. It grows best in climate zones four through nine. It can grow anywhere from forty to seventy feet tall with a spread ranging anywhere from forty to six feet wide. They can adapt to both shade and sunny conditions and can grow in a variety of different kinds of soils provided there is good drainage. Another prime choice is the Lacebark Elm. They are hardy and versatile and grow best in climate zones five through nine. They are also fast growing and can grow in full sun or partial shade. They will grow to be anywhere from forty to fifty feet tall with a spread reaching up to forty-five feet. They will be a prized tree during the fall months with their red display of color.

The Silver Linden is also an excellent choice. It grows best in climate zones four through seven and can grow anywhere from fifty to seventy feet high with a spread ranging anywhere from twenty-five to thirty-five feet wide. They prefer full sun and have light gray bark that is smooth to the touch. The green leaves are fantastic and will give you year-round color. The Tulip tree is also excellent and fast growing. It grows best in climate zones four through nine and can grow to be about ninety feet tall in the right conditions. It has incredible color all year long. Try planting a shade tree and transform your yard into something fabulous!